The climate-controlled unit is a unique invention that ensures maximum safety for your belongings. They are an excellent idea for all seasons but significant if you live somewhere with changing temperatures. If your climate-control feature is not enabled, storing your items in summer or winter is very dangerous.

These units are often more expensive than regular units. Climate-controlled units are not as affordable as regular ones but are worth the extra money. There is no need to worry about pest infestation or whether the cold or heat can cause damage to your items. However, there are certain items that we wouldn’t want to risk. A climate-controlled unit is a must for storing antiques, wooden furniture, or other valuable items. It will be easy to pods moving Des Moines see the return on your investment. Self-storage units can be described as compartments that you can use to store stuff that doesn’t fit into your home, apartment, or business. Self-storage offers residential and commercial customers more options than ever for storing their belongings.

Traditional self-storage facilities are usually single-story buildings that allow tenants to drive up to their units. Modern facilities are often built in multi-story buildings with a shared loading area. Some facilities combine both types of storage. Tenants can only access the storage unit via a PIN, regardless of whether it is located outside or inside a building. Most tenants have their roll-up metal doors to access their teams. Customers also provide their locks, and facility workers cannot access the unit.

Store Space provides detailed information about each facility on the site’s facility pages. Find the closest Store Space Self Storage facility by visiting our Find Storage page. You can search by address, zip code, or state. Personal storage is often needed for life-changing events. Store Space offers affordable storage units, great promotional deals, and month-to-month leases. This is a great way to solve your storage issues temporarily.

Although business owners often face life-changing situations, self-storage can be more cost-effective than moving. Commercial storage is just like personal storage. We offer affordable monthly leases and money-saving offers. It is often against the HOA regulations and against the municipal code to allow certain vehicles on the streets. Criminal activity can be sparked by a boat, RV, or work truck parked on your street or driveway.

Many Self Storage Facilities offer secure outdoor parking for large vehicles, such as boats and RVs, up to 30 feet long. You can also store your car outdoors. You can also use larger units (20 ft. or more) indoors in areas with drive-up storage. Drive-up units can be used to store toys like side-by-sides and personal watercraft. They usually start at 10 feet long. Storage units can accommodate multiple business customers’ storage needs. These can range from records and documents to inventory or warehousing. Many small businesses and start-ups can use storage units.

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