Perfumery can be both an art and a science. It is difficult to define a high-quality fragrance because it’s subjective. For some, the balance in the note pyramid is the key, while for others, the depth, longevity, and complexity are what make the difference between a great scent and a bland one.

The top, middle, and base notes are all important to the final perception of a fragrance. However, the painstaking creation, acquisition, and development of these notes are the foundation of a high-quality perfume. A cheap perfume will tend to smell sweeter. This is due in large part to the fact this type of perfume is usually marketed to younger consumers.

The scent of expensive fragrances lasts longer than cheaper ones. Even though they can mimic the top notes of pricier perfumes, without the right essential oils the scent will fade in less than 30 minutes after application. The concentration of essential oils in fine fragrances determines their intensity and the length of time they will last. A quality perfume will have this aspect marabika. Fragrances can also be classified according to their scent family and notes.

Today, however the term ‘cologne,’ refers to a weakly concentrated fragrance and/or masculine scent. Essential oils are the only thing that can make a fragrance as good as it is. The buyer of essential oils determines the quality of any perfume behind the scenes. It is so important that the art of perfumery can be considered sacred. Its elusive and ethereal qualities, when combined with our sense of smell, create sensory poetry.

The fragrance chemists and perfumers at YSL are on top of their game in addressing the current trend of translating essential oil into wonderful aromas. Each client is treated with respect and equal importance, no matter how big or small their account. Clients are a reflection of a commitment to building relationships that are personalized for each client. Their superior formulations are the result of years of hard work and experience combining the art of scent with industrial science.

The fragrances they create are a result of meticulous research and incorporate the latest technologies and trends in perfume formulation. The Monell Chemical Senses Center is a non-profit research institute dedicated to taste and smell. It is located on the University City Science Center campus in Philadelphia.

Unilever funded a new study conducted by Monell, which was published in Journal Plus One. The research showed that women were deemed more attractive in the presence of an alluring fragrance. Rachel Herz conducted a study in 2003 on the psychology of scent. She concluded that the factors that influence the use of perfumes in North America are often the same as those that affect fashion choices.

The same groundbreaking study also revealed other factors that influence perfume selection. The study found that the selection of a certain scent depends on the mood of the consumer at that moment, or if that mood changes at the time of the purchase. The setting of the purchase (e.g., a romantic rendezvous or a job interview) and the person’s personality also influence the decision.

Even the most expensive fragrances today are loaded with synthetic materials. In the world of fragrance creation and design, there are no shortcuts. All along the supply chain, our perfumers are aware that success requires a commitment to creativity, efficiency, and quality.


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